Changes, and some weirds.

Hello from my villainous lair overlooking the west arm of Kootenay lake!

The last couple weeks have been about change, both for myself, and for people around me. It’s been A LOT of talking about what to do next, and A LOT of talking about a wise next step. If you are not sure what I mean by “A LOT”:

I was, and am, totally exhausted mentally this week.. The processing does make me super sleepy. Holy nap central. Rest. I though winter was about going inward and not worrying about choices till spring… I wrong-ish. But hey, sometimes opportunities come in crazy red flag mazes, followed by amazing right actions. I trust my gut on these things. As for other folks, well, they make the choices they make, and hopefully it works for them. For now, I gotta rest my brain after all that…


Speaking of rest and sleep, I got the coolest book about sleep called “Why We Sleep” by Matthew Walker PHD. It’s definately changed my life in terms of my chronic pain stuffs. This year has been significantly better. Here is a wee excerp of the author talking about his stuffs:

I will say, the simplest life choices have had the greatest impact. “Consistancy” is the common element.



I am currently obsessed with these folks:


Common theme there is epic Shamanic-ish costume.

Shamanism, costume, consciousness and creativity, are of deep interest to me. In the concrete, applicable, psychological sense. You can access certain states of being without drugs, and I think dress up, and character portrayal is all part of greasing that groove. As is the telling of stories, which can transport our imaginations. The human brain can do amazing things. All cultures from across the globe have been playing with that for a looooong time. Whatever way gets the creative gates open.

Here’s something to do on a friday night, and or a good way to interrupt a boring conversation:

I hope these links take you down some decent rabbit-holes.


Till next time,




I am tenderly wincing about my house “enjoying” a withering migraine. It’s snowing outside, which thank heck, dampens all sound. I get Synesthesia with these migraines (i get it at other times to).Sensory overload will trigger a migraine for me. Often, I will wear sunglasses and ear plugs. It helps. My synesthesia (which I’ve had since I can remember) manifests as crunchy white sound-waves that I can see, bouncing and rippling off of everything, sort of the same as water would. It can be dissorienting when it really gets going. Thankfully it’s only when I am completely overloaded. A tell tale sign that it’s time to to lay the physics down, and take a nap. I think my pain threashold has risen/changed… These things happen. Folks suggest I paint what my migraines feel like…maybe

This is how a migraine starts for me:





The last while: I have been working on a number of things. One commission for a stop motion animation I am doing with a fella in SF, California, (top secret stuff. Can’t say a dang thing), and the other is a painting commission for a fella in Vancouver, BC (there are snippets of it on my instagram). Some of you have already seen it, so you know what I speak of. Also, I have started a new paintings for a series, which will be going up at Red Light in Nelson BC, Canada, December 7th. These are based on paintings that I did when I was in Scotland, and which are still there, but are very challening to locate apparently. I am learning to make time lapse videos. Yaaaaay. These pieces are big (6 x 4) and are plenty fun for me. Hopefully I get enough well days to finish at least one in time for that show, if not, I will hang my latest work which is already completed. One thing I am learning about chronic pain, is to make huge space for things to not go my way, and to adapt. Good thing I am a type B personality. I can adapt, and am not difficult about it, generally.



Anyone who’s been following my instagram knows I loooove plants. Recently, I aquired a black pagoda Lipstick, red anthurium, brons orchid, Iron Cross painted bagonia, and a Monkey Cups carnivourous plant. All of these have me feeling pretty stoked. I tend to trade with friends to aquire these lovlies. I have friends who are also addicted to plants, so it works out. Slowly, my living space is becoming a tropical oasis. Folks like me neeeed oasi? oasis’s? Whatever, you get me. I shall post many a pic once these babes take root.

In the meantime, self care, treat yourself nice this fortnight, technically, you’ve done well. Tend to your own energy before feeding others yours by accident. Don’t feel guilty about having boundaries.

Love K

Ahhhh Bull$#!T

Hey there everyone who has currently subscribed to my mailing list, or who has accidentally stumbled upon it during their journey through the interwebs. This is the spot where I chat about what I have been thinking about, or what has inspired things.

Current inspiration? “Pointless Fury”.

So once again, there are awful troll storms brewing on “the” social media, so I am taking a big ol’ break from it. It’s a toxic distraction for me in particular. For some, maybe it is not? I have a tendancy to get amped and wanna pointlessly argue stuff on “the”social media, especially when the wrongies come out swingin all wrongish.

(Example below of me at my computer, getting bated into argumentland…)



Pretty stoked that I am about to drop the mic on an argument, and putting forth my most compelling citations. When in reality, I am wanking into an intellectual abyss of mediocrity,and my energy is being used as a bloody industrial paste in the gears of commerse.

A friend of mine who works for “the” social media, has mentioned to me that I am creating free content for them evey time I log in, and that made me think…maybe it might be good to focus on making my own content, towards my own projects. So I am taking a break, from “the” blue and white screen scene. Yea, me take break. Plus, I will still give good meme, I’ll just do it here.

Thanks for tuning in….More to come. K


Home, rest, migrainiac

I am resting today. Sore body, sore brain (nope, not asking for advice or supplements, or hands on/off faith healing.). So, when I can look at a screen, I tend to watch stuff that makes me happy. Here are a few tidbits of that.


Ahhh, more weird sounds.

Here is yet another installment of "what the heck is in her ears". I require a nice variety of strange music for my maker brain. Generally I wear headphones...and I hunt down stuff I can get into flow state with. And these tracks are glorious.  For your consideration, the delicious thangs in the links provided:



The last couple months have been busy. Health has been ok-ish, and I am surviving an ugly case of the February-Marches. I spend a lot of time alone with the paintings, and often, I find myself listening to fun things that tickle my brain. So I was thinking today how much sound and song inspire and inform my work. I especially like fun and playful things that lighten my mood, and go in unusual directions. Here are a few examples: (enjoy!)