Changes, and some weirds.

Hello from my villainous lair overlooking the west arm of Kootenay lake!

The last couple weeks have been about change, both for myself, and for people around me. It’s been A LOT of talking about what to do next, and A LOT of talking about a wise next step. If you are not sure what I mean by “A LOT”:

I was, and am, totally exhausted mentally this week.. The processing does make me super sleepy. Holy nap central. Rest. I though winter was about going inward and not worrying about choices till spring… I wrong-ish. But hey, sometimes opportunities come in crazy red flag mazes, followed by amazing right actions. I trust my gut on these things. As for other folks, well, they make the choices they make, and hopefully it works for them. For now, I gotta rest my brain after all that…


Speaking of rest and sleep, I got the coolest book about sleep called “Why We Sleep” by Matthew Walker PHD. It’s definately changed my life in terms of my chronic pain stuffs. This year has been significantly better. Here is a wee excerp of the author talking about his stuffs:

I will say, the simplest life choices have had the greatest impact. “Consistancy” is the common element.



I am currently obsessed with these folks:


Common theme there is epic Shamanic-ish costume.

Shamanism, costume, consciousness and creativity, are of deep interest to me. In the concrete, applicable, psychological sense. You can access certain states of being without drugs, and I think dress up, and character portrayal is all part of greasing that groove. As is the telling of stories, which can transport our imaginations. The human brain can do amazing things. All cultures from across the globe have been playing with that for a looooong time. Whatever way gets the creative gates open.

Here’s something to do on a friday night, and or a good way to interrupt a boring conversation:

I hope these links take you down some decent rabbit-holes.


Till next time,