Ahhhh Bull$#!T

Hey there everyone who has currently subscribed to my mailing list, or who has accidentally stumbled upon it during their journey through the interwebs. This is the spot where I chat about what I have been thinking about, or what has inspired things.

Current inspiration? “Pointless Fury”.

So once again, there are awful troll storms brewing on “the” social media, so I am taking a big ol’ break from it. It’s a toxic distraction for me in particular. For some, maybe it is not? I have a tendancy to get amped and wanna pointlessly argue stuff on “the”social media, especially when the wrongies come out swingin all wrongish.

(Example below of me at my computer, getting bated into argumentland…)



Pretty stoked that I am about to drop the mic on an argument, and putting forth my most compelling citations. When in reality, I am wanking into an intellectual abyss of mediocrity,and my energy is being used as a bloody industrial paste in the gears of commerse.

A friend of mine who works for “the” social media, has mentioned to me that I am creating free content for them evey time I log in, and that made me think…maybe it might be good to focus on making my own content, towards my own projects. So I am taking a break, from “the” blue and white screen scene. Yea, me take break. Plus, I will still give good meme, I’ll just do it here.

Thanks for tuning in….More to come. K