Idealand: A class about getting 'inspired"

Recently, I have been invited to teach at the Oxygen Art Centre in Nelson BC Canada!.

Folks are invited to sign up here:

Idea-land: Making Friends with the Muse

5 classes: Feb. 4, 11, 18 & April 1, 8
Mondays 6pm – 9pm
Course Fee: $170 Material Fee: $30

(Bring a notebook you love, a pencil you admire, and a cozy blankee and pillow that you deeply appreciate.)

Idealand is about making pals with the muse, and working with techniques that keep ones brain actively out of ruts. It’s about playing with ones consciousness, in a very fun way. It’s about idea-making and what to do when you have creative stagnation, and need to break up old patterns of thinking to come up with fresh ideas.

Everyone has rituals to get into the groove, but for many, what they have been doing doesn’t work for them anymore. Sometimes change can get scary if you’ve been in a loop for a while. What once served the purpose, doesn’t serve anymore, then it’s time to pull out of that spot, and get back on the highway. My class will be about new ways to look at things, and new ways to make friends with imagination. Some of it will bring playful discordance, or a place of deep calm.

My journals.

My journals.