Bio and Statement





I am a multi-disciplinary artist from British Columbia, Canada. I have worked in the film industry and have had gallery showings in Canada, the United States, and Norway. I have had work in Juxtapoz Magazine, Print Work, and Trend Prive. I have worked for a number of directors, to name a few,  Steven Spielberg, Duncan Jones, and J.J. Abrams. I have also worked with Miss Norway on a body painting photoshoot for Print Work magazine. Also, I have done artwork for Stan Lee... Excelsior! I was lucky also to be part of Neil Gaiman’s "Calendar of Tales"(January). I am a  self taught artist, and I work in many different mediums. I have also been the poster girl for the Vancouver International Jazz Festival (Coastal Jazz), and John Cleese is the proud owner one of my art prints. 


Artist Statement


I maintain my art practice in a large warehouse studio in Unceded Territory of Sinixt,  BC, Canada,  where I have many printing projects, mosaics, and commissioned paintings I work on. Generally, I need to allow time for the vision to emerge. I have to soak up all the influences that encompass the ideas. I approach the project once I have a clear vision of what I want to achieve. I research the subject matter thoroughly, then I get to sketching out the solutions. I start by blocking down the major components of the work, then slowly add the details. It’s quite meditative and methodical for me. I am in flow state when I make. It's the best possible meditation.