Bio and Statement





Kelly Shpeley (Creatrix)


Kelly is a self taught, multi-disciplinary surrealist from Nelson, British Columbia, Canada. She has had gallery showings in Canada, the United States, and Norway. She’s been published in Juxtapoz Magazine, Print Work, and Trend Prive. She has also worked in the film industry with a number of directors ( Steven Spielberg, Duncan Jones, and J.J. Abrams, etc...) She also worked with Miss Norway on a body painting photoshoot for Print Work magazine. She’s done artwork for Stan Lee... Excelsior! And was lucky also to be part of Neil Gaiman’s "Calendar of Tales" (January).  She also painted the original poster for the Vancouver International Jazz Festival (Coastal Jazz) 2015. John Cleese and Noam Chomsky, are a couple proud owners of some of her art prints. She is currently working on a stop motion animation, and will also be a part of Tiny Lights Festival, and the Nelson International Mural Festival. Busy times!